Last weekend we were up bright and early to fetch new passports for The Husband and Poppet from Home Affairs in Somerset West. Not our favorite activity, to put it mildly … So we decided to follow it up with a visit to a new market at Vergenoegd wine estate on Baden Powell Drive.

If Vergenoegd sounds vaguely familiar, like you’ve heard you should go there for a specific reason but can’t remember what it is, the blog post title and picture should have jogged that memory – it’s famous for the duck parade. Ducks are employees here, paid in the snails and other goggas that they eat in the vineyard.

This novel (and I think pretty awesome) pest control method has led to a daily parade when the ducks hurry through the estate on their way to work. It’s very entertaining and quite amazing to watch around 1000 ducks waddle past. On Saturday the fist parade is as the market starts at 10am, click here for more details on the ducks and parade times.

The market itself is a great option for a leisurely Saturday. A smallish market but a nice variety of crafts and eats. I was particularly drawn to:

– gorgeous dresses for little girls; although I did learn that I have quite different tastes to my 5 year old, took is a while to find one we both liked

– German wurst – Delish! As was their homemade ginger beer

– I sampled the flat bread with tomato, pesto and mozzarella that my mom bought – equally delish!

– the lemonade with cranberry that I bought (close to pink lemonade, one of my faves) also got the toddler stamp of approval – a few sips and she refused her regular water for the rest of the morning.

The market has 2 great areas for chilling – long tables with benches under big shady trees, and more relaxed hay-bale/cushion affairs. Great food and live music made for a relaxed morning

Family-friendliness: There is a jumping castle and a few other kid activities, but we never even made it that far. There’s more than enough space for kids to just play, I think mine spent most of their time chasing each other around a big tree trunk. Dogs also seemed to be very welcome.

So yes, another lovely market in an area overflowing with them. This is probably the closest to Cape Town of the Winelands markets, and definitely worth a visit.