We call it Cape Town, acknowledged as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Land of contrasts, melting pot, rainbow nation … So many terms that sound quite romantic.

As I set out on my blogging journey, do I focus solely on the fun, the pretty, the warm-and-squishy – or do I also blog about the difficult, the fact that our rainbow is very lopsided and weighed down by inequalities? The fact that, for many of my fellow South Africans, living at this beautiful tip of this beautiful continent is tougher than glasses of wine overlooking vineyards and sundowners on the beach?

When I “Dream beyond”: do I dream only of far-off destinations that can be reached by hopping on an plane? Or do I also dream beyond the current realities that all of us at this tip face? Do I look for ways to turn dreams of hope for the children at this tip, into reality?

Okay, enough flowery, dreamy waffle! Where is all this coming from, you ask?

I’ve started (or rather re-started for the umpteenth time) this blog at a bit of a cross-roads in my life. My baby girl starts play school in a few months, so for the first time in about 6 years, I’ll have a little time to myself; time which will grow as they get to “big school” and so on. So I’ve started to think ahead to what I want to do with the next chapter of my life, and this blog is beginning to form part of that.

But I’ve also had an increasingly strong sense that this is the time for me to look beyond the needs of my family, and find my place in amongst the many others who are working to build a better future for our country. I think that education is the field that is drawing me in, although I haven’t figured out what that means for me in practical terms. But I’ve realized that my blog title fits in really well, and I want to use it to hold myself accountable to getting involved and finding that place where I can make a difference.

So please, hold me accountable to this. Join me if you want. It’s new and exciting and butterfly-in-stomach-making to put this down on paper (pixels?), so any encouragement and advice is appreciated.

Note: While I would love the comments section on this post to come alive with advice, ideas, collaborators and more, this is not a political blog, so I won’t hesitate to moderate/delete overly political comments, and will definitely delete anything racist, offensive etc