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On Safari, from the tip, with kids…

I’m very happy to share with you Living at the Tip’s first guest post. Bryan Milne shares his experiences on safari with young children.

There are many upsides to living at the tip of Africa, but it does leave you a rather long way from a typical Safari destination such as the Kruger National Park or the many parks in our northern neighbours. We can’t just pop down to Kruger for the weekend as easily as our Jozi brothers and sisters can; for us to get to the “bush” takes some careful planning to make it worthwhile. BC (Before Children) G and I used to travel whenever we could and one of our favourite breaks was to fly to Joburg, rent a car and drive from there to Mpumalanga. We would stay with family and spend wonderful time with them and in Kruger and surrounds.

The arrival of our sons M1 and then M2 put a solid stop to that. Until recently, that is, when a win of the General Tyres SA #AnyWhereIsPossible competition put us literally back on the road again. This entry was chosen as the winner and we were awarded a lump sum to be used on a holiday – yay for competitions!

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Parc Guell

Five reasons Barcelona is a fantastic family travel destination 

Barcelona had been on my radar for a while, as a beautiful city, and for its architecture and food – in fact I rated it as one of the top destinations that we had not yet visited. So we included it in our 2015 trip to Europe with our young kids (age 1 and 4). What I didn’t anticipate was quite how fantastic a destination it would be for our family. It was probably the most family-friendly part of our trip, and here’s why:

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Ten tips for traveling with kids

When we told people we were taking our 4 and 1 year old daughters to Europe for a month, many of them looked at us like we were crazy! Some smiled politely – but you could tell they’d rather have root canal.

But off we went in September 2015! There were times we thought we were a little crazy too – but it turned into an amazing and unforgettable adventure.

In future blog posts I’ll tell you more about specific places we visited and things that worked for us, but here’s a more general list of tips for a successful family holiday.

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Thumbs up – www.babygroup.co.za

Last week I decided to buy a toddler clock  – Gro Clock, I’ll review the product once we’ve had more time with it.

It’s for sale on Amazon, but I thought I’d look to see if it’s available locally. A site-that-shall-not-be-named-but-sells-lots-of-imported-products had it for a totally ludicrous-what-are-you-smoking price, and then I found it on a site I hadn’t heard of before, www.babygroup.co.za for only a small amount more than Amazon. Since Babygroup promised 2-3 day free delivery I thought it was worth the extra, and so glad I did.

The clock arrived by courier that same afternoon! Very impressed! Included a handwritten note welcoming me as a new customer and saying they’ve heard great things about Gro Clock and hope it works for us.

A few days later the impressiveness continued with a phone call from James of Babygroup – who I later found out is co-founder and MD – asking if everything was satisfactory, and saying I must let them know if I need anything else that isn’t available locally. I mentioned that I hadn’t heard of Babygroup before and James said they’d been open 3 months.

I’d say they’re off to a great start – in terms of service giving my favourite SA e-tailers, Yuppiechef, a run for their money.

I think (or hope) that we’ve bought most of what’s needed for a baby/toddler by now, but if we do need something else, Babygroup will definitely be first on my list of sites to check, or enquire if it’s an import.

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