Last week I decided to buy a toddler clock  – Gro Clock, I’ll review the product once we’ve had more time with it.

It’s for sale on Amazon, but I thought I’d look to see if it’s available locally. A site-that-shall-not-be-named-but-sells-lots-of-imported-products had it for a totally ludicrous-what-are-you-smoking price, and then I found it on a site I hadn’t heard of before, for only a small amount more than Amazon. Since Babygroup promised 2-3 day free delivery I thought it was worth the extra, and so glad I did.

The clock arrived by courier that same afternoon! Very impressed! Included a handwritten note welcoming me as a new customer and saying they’ve heard great things about Gro Clock and hope it works for us.

A few days later the impressiveness continued with a phone call from James of Babygroup – who I later found out is co-founder and MD – asking if everything was satisfactory, and saying I must let them know if I need anything else that isn’t available locally. I mentioned that I hadn’t heard of Babygroup before and James said they’d been open 3 months.

I’d say they’re off to a great start – in terms of service giving my favourite SA e-tailers, Yuppiechef, a run for their money.

I think (or hope) that we’ve bought most of what’s needed for a baby/toddler by now, but if we do need something else, Babygroup will definitely be first on my list of sites to check, or enquire if it’s an import.