I have clear memories of childhood day trips to see the flowers on the West Coast. Some of these memories were probably cemented by the fact that I lost a tooth on one trip – and amazingly the tooth fairy found me and left a coin under a bush!

So I was really looking forward to taking our girls this spring, and did so a few weeks ago. We went to West Coast National Park, about 1-1.5 hours outside Cape Town, and home to the beautiful Postberg Flower Reserve which is only open during flower season (August and September).

An early start is recommended as the reserve can get crowded later in the day. Vygevallei farm stall on the R27 is a useful coffee pit stop, with lawns, a jungle gym and a few farm animals to keep the kids entertained.

The entrance to West Coast National Park is directly off the R27. Visit their website for the latest details on opening hours, costs etc.

Once through the gates we headed for Postberg in the northern section of the park, an attractive drive through fynbos, with views of the Langebaan lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other – and even Table Mountain across the bay.

We were traveling in convoy with family who hasn’t seen the west coast flowers before, and I was starting to get concerned as we hadn’t seen many flowers at all. But once through the Postberg gates, the fynbos made way for fields and fields of amazing colour!

Mother Nature really goes all out in springtime in that area; the pics can speak for themselves.


The drive through Postberg is leisurely with plenty of opportunity to stop for photos. The open fields are also a great chance to spot game – we saw a variety of buck including Springbok, a few zebra, and delighted the kids by following ostriches down the road at one point.


We completed the Postberg circuit by late morning. There are a number of great picnic spot options nearby on both the ocean and lagoon sides of the park. We opted to go down to the lagoon beach so the kids could play and paddle – great fun!

You could also eat at Geelbek restaurant inside the reserve.

After lunch it was time for the obligatory leaving-the-lagoon toddler-tantrum, so we decided to forgo a trip in to nearby Langebaan town and headed home so toddler could nap in the car.

We did the trip in one day from Cape Town, but it also makes a fantastic weekend getaway. There are a few cottages inside the reserve, and their houseboats are definitely on my bucket list. Langebaan also has many accommodation options.