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Life lately at the tip

After years of attempts and thoughts and stops and restarts, this blog finally seems to have found its place in my life, and looks like it might actually get off the ground. This is equal parts exciting and terrifying! Exciting because I feel like I’ve finally found a niche I can settle in to, but so nerve-wracking to put my writing skills on display.

Today possibly summed up the point where my reality meets this blog really well:
Poppet’s school holiday started today, and it’s also her 5-and-a-half birthday – she’s been asking for months when that day will be so it’s been built up a lot.
Roo still had swimming as usual in the morning, so I told Poppet we’d do something special for lunch.

This ended up being a trip to the ever-popular V&A Waterfront …

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This little tip of Africa where I live…

We call it Cape Town, acknowledged as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Land of contrasts, melting pot, rainbow nation … So many terms that sound quite romantic.

As I set out on my blogging journey, do I focus solely on the fun, the pretty, the warm-and-squishy – or do I also blog about the difficult, the fact that our rainbow is very lopsided and weighed down by inequalities? The fact that, for many of my fellow South Africans, living at this beautiful tip of this beautiful continent is tougher than glasses of wine overlooking vineyards and sundowners on the beach?

When I “Dream beyond”: do I dream only of far-off destinations that can be reached by hopping on an plane? Or do I also dream beyond the current realities that all of us at this tip face? Do I look for ways to turn dreams of hope for the children at this tip, into reality?

Okay, enough flowery, dreamy waffle! Where is all this coming from, you ask?

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Wherein I start again with renewed desire

Hello old blog!

It’s been a while! Partly because I did successful conquer said fertility issues and mommyhood took over, and then more recently because I forgot what I had called my blog and couldn’t find it – true story!


But lately I’ve had lots of thoughts roaming around my head and nowhere to put them, so I thought I’d give the old blog another try.

[Confession: I’m also a little envious of the other SA bloggers I see who get to try free samples of cool stuff. Blogging in South Africa seems to have reached a critical mass in the past year or so, that brands are taking more notice of them. Definitely wouldn’t mind getting in on some of that!]

So I’m back, and hoping to try and get some of those thoughts down on screen.

Before I go to bed…

Just made my first two comments as Startrightnow the blogger – and am amazed at how relevant and poignant both of the blogs’ lastest posts were to where I am right now.

Really need a pseudonym that sounds more catchy than Startrightnow!

Hello world!

[2014 edit: When I started this blog it was called “Start Right Now”]

How do you start a blog?

It’s 11.28pm and instead of going to sleep I’ve decided to start a blog, right now. Been thinking about it for a few days or weeks, and then tonight watched “Julie and Julia” and my love suggested I go through Jamie Oliver’s cookbook in a year, starting with the meatballs.

Not sure if I’ll do that, although I do want to cook more … but it re-invigorated my thoughts on starting a blog.

One of my problems is that I tend to come up with ideas and then not follow through on them, which can be frustrating and lead to sense of not accomplishing anything … so decided while showering 20 minutes ago that I would not go to sleep quite yet, but would start my blog right now!

What will this blog be about?

1. Well, I’m not a writer – although I have discovered in the past few years that I do have an ability to structure words into sentences – and I’m not exceptionally gifted or passionate about any one thing.
2. I very sincerely hope and pray that this is not going to be a blog about my struggles with infertility.
3. I am however at quite a strange place in life. I recently resigned from my job, due to many reasons, but mostly to focus on getting myself emotionally, mentally and physically healthy in order to end said infertility. So I’m currently without job and spending time relaxing and finding new hobbies and enjoying old ones and occasionally thinking that when I stop doing that, I will need to do something, but not sure what that is.
4. So I think this blog may be about discovering what that is!

I’m going to try not to overly censor myself.

2 criteria I do want to fulfill:

a. That if no one ever reads this I will be happy and not feel like it’s a waste of time.

b. If lots of people read this and I become more famous than, I will not be overly embarrassed or embarrass anyone else. And hopefully not too boring.

So now I will post this right now!

(and then maybe visit a blog I love, to comment on and maybe draw a person or 2 back to my blog)


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