Uniting my love of travel with my reality as a mom living at the very bottom of Africa.

Living at the tip  – of Africa (Cape Town to be exact), and sometimes of my sanity (motherhood does that to one)

Dreaming beyond – to Paris, to so many other places, spaces and wishes.

This blog started many years ago – my early posts happened VERY sporadically and hold very little in common with each other. But slowly a vision is coming together, of a space to share my love of exploring new places- in my city, in my country and around the world – and occasionally to share the other thoughts that shoot around my brain.

The cast

Me – I love Jesus, my family, my friends, my city – try to keep it in that order.

The husband – I asked him by what pseudonym he wanted to be referred, but so far I’ve vetoed his suggestions of Clarke (as in Kent) and Bruce (as in Wayne). Love him very muchly!
Photo disclosure: We tend to share and swop cameras and kid-supervising as we go, so often I can’t say for certain who took which pic. So all photos are the property of both of us; and I credit him for the majority of them, as he was either the one taking the photo or the one supervising the kids so I could take the photo.

Poppet – our strong-willed preschooler daughter, who lives her life as a musical. See so much of myself in her and love her madly!

Roo – our sweet and funny toddler. So much to say, hopefully some day soon she’ll say more of it in a language we understand. She’s the adorable munchkin who drove me to coffee. Love this girl who made our family complete!


  1. Christy

    Looking forward to reading this regularly!

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