I’m privileged to have visited Paris twice in my life. On the first occasion I fell in love with the city. I also fell in love with a little shop that I stumbled across called Pylones – a gorgeous shop filled with colourful, quirky homeware and other gifty items. On my second trip to Paris I bought a kettle there, and carried it in my little suitcase for the remainder of the trip – with socks and such stuffed inside it so that it would fit in the suitcase.


About two weeks ago I saw an Elle Deco competition where the prize was a Pylones item. Strange, Elle don’t normally offer imported items as prizes. To win you needed to like the PylonesSA page on Facebook. Now my heartbeat started to speed up. WHY is there a PylonesSA page? Click through and see photos of their grand opening of their new store. Pulse rate shoots up but at the same time I tell myself to calm down and not be disappointed when I find out their shop is in Joburg. But no, it’s at the V&A Waterfront, a half hour drive away!

At this point I phoned my husband and mom, giddy with excitement like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.

And it’s everything I remember it to be! So colourful, so quirky – it is officially now one of my “happy places”!


Birthday presents for me, for the foreseeable future – sorted!