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I’ve mentioned my love of Paris before – if you have an intense dislike of Paris then this might not be the blog for you – so I knew I wanted to write what will be the first of many posts about the city – but where to begin? There are so many places and spaces I love; but my heart belongs to the most iconic of Paris’ structures, the Eiffel Tower.

It’s hard to put my finger on why exactly it has such attraction for me, something about the elegance, simplicity and sheer size of the tower I think. And the omnipresence of it – I love surprise views of the Tower from other parts of the city.

In our three visits to Paris, I haven’t even begun to grow tired – and I’ve passed on this love to Poppet, who was also completely taken with it during our time there.

Poppet and Eiffel

Poppet and Eiffel

A few tips/thoughts on visiting the Eiffel Tower:

To climb or not to climb: We only climbed up the Tower on our third Paris visit. Previously my feeling had been that once you’re up there, you can’t see or photograph the Eiffel Tower, which defeated the purpose. But having been up now, I do see the appeal – gorgeous views! We had 4 young kids with us, as we went with friends, so climbing the stairs wasn’t an option – and although I’d heard horror stories about the length of the queues, it really wasn’t that bad.


Top tip for kids – this playground!!: If you’ve got young kids with you, you MUST find this playground – best playground view ever! We returned many times – it’s  enclosed, had a sandpit, slide and a few other pieces. There’s also a snack stand, a little overpriced but so’s everywhere else so close to the Tower.
To find it: With your back to the Eiffel Tower, as you enter Champs de Mars, veer to the right. It’s not very far in, but hidden behind some bushes and easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there.

Champs de Mar in general is also a great place to let kids run, and there’s another larger playground at the far end.

Don’t forget to come back at night: And when you do, stay for the magical twinkly lights that sparkle away every hour, on the hour.
My husband took Poppet for a special “after bedtime treat” to see the twinkly lights one evening, and she still talks about it!


Kirstenbosch – a place for all seasons


Stellenbosch (part 2) – a kid-free morning


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