Dream with me back to 2006…
As part of a 5-week back-packing trip around Europe, we spent 2 days in the little Tuscan village of San Gimignano.

This is one of the most famous Italian hill-top towns, beloved for it’s many towers, medieval architecture and magnificent views.

The centre of town has limited vehicle access, but still fills up with tourists during the day. We were really glad to have booked a night’s stay in San Gimignano, as it acquires a different sort of charm when the crowds leave.

For me, one of the joys of traveling is the unexpected events that coincide with your trip. Wandering around in the late afternoon, we came across an old VW Beetle decorated in 60s flower-power style. We gathered that there was a 60s festival that evening, so we returned after dark. What we found was a courtyard with 30 or so locals, a DJ, a strobe light and a musical mix of Italian pop and 80s disco – very Eurovision, not our usual taste, but a fun and memorable evening.


It was only a 24-hour taste of Tuscan life – but still a delicious slice of la dolce vita!