This blog has been very quiet, I know – shocking for someone who’s trying to get a blog up and running, I know! No big overwhelming reason, just all the normal little reasons of sick children, holidays, Christmas etc etc

But I’m back, and we’re kicking 2017 off with one of my family’s favorite Cape spots – Noordhoek Farm Village. After Poppet made it clear a few days ago that getting her to the beach was going to be an uphill battle, we refocused on somewhere for brunch that we could all enjoy – and Cafe Roux at Noordhoek Farm Village was an easy choice.

The village is essentially a collection of shops and restaurants centred on a “village green” of sorts – an astro-lawn perfect for lounging, kicking a ball or letting toddlers toddle.

Cafe Roux dominates one side of the green, and has been there for many years. Our family keeps finding new reasons to love this place. By day, they are a delicious brunch or lunch spot, with a wide menu to suit most palates. They have a lovely outdoor play area on one side – plenty of jungle gyms and the like – or you could be my daughter, and co-ordinate all the kids to ignore the equipment and collect acorns. On weekends they also have live music with a chilled vibe.

By night – well that was one of our favorite discoveries of recent years. Cafe Roux plays host to many of SA’s top musicians, who perform on the tiny indoor stage a few times a week. We’ve had  the pleasure of seeing Arno Carstens and Gangs of Ballet perform there in 2016, and are looking forward to returning for virtuoso guitarist Dan Patlansky later in January.

As for the rest of Noordhoek Farm Village … it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In the mood for…

  • Ice cream – Kristen’s kick-ass ice cream is authentic slow-churned, artisanal and very delicious – this time around the kids had double dark chocolate and vanilla bean. Other flavours include garden mint chocolate chip, and cookies & cream.
  • Coffee – The Village Roast was full of cyclists when we went past – as their name suggests, they roast their own beans.
  • An upmarket meal – The Foodbarn is ruled over by well-known Chef Franck Dangereux, who creates fine-dining in a relaxed environment.
  • A more casual meal – you can choose from Village Sushi, Foodbarn Deli and Tapas – where we plan to eat soon – or vibey pub The Toad in the Village.
  • Shopping – dotted around the Village are a number of eclectic shops

We took the scenic route home from Noordhoek – well, actually, all three possible routes home are scenic, but we took the world-famous one: Chapmans Peak Drive. This epic route has non-stop views of Noordhoek and Hout Bay, and in between them nothing but deep ocean and towering mountains. The kids loved seeing the retaining walls and nets that help to keep rocks at bay.