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After years of attempts and thoughts and stops and restarts, this blog finally seems to have found its place in my life, and looks like it might actually get off the ground. This is equal parts exciting and terrifying! Exciting because I feel like I’ve finally found a niche I can settle in to, but so nerve-wracking to put my writing skills on display.

Today possibly summed up the point where my reality meets this blog really well:
Poppet’s school holiday started today, and it’s also her 5-and-a-half birthday – she’s been asking for months when that day will be so it’s been built up a lot.
Roo still had swimming as usual in the morning, so I told Poppet we’d do something special for lunch.

This ended up being a trip to the ever-popular V&A Waterfront …


Living at the beautiful tip of Africa…

… Ostensibly so that we could have a McDonalds lunch and play at her one of her favourite play areas …

… But really because it was the only place I could track down the guide book I wanted to begin Dreaming Beyond for 2017 … Spoiler alert up ahead!

Croatia books

…Dreaming beyond!

So the next 10-ish days are going to be busy with kiddie-entertaining stuff, and possibly less blogging, but also with really REALLY exciting travel planning and guidebook-reading – two of my favorite things!


Ten tips for traveling with kids


Five reasons Barcelona is a fantastic family travel destination 


  1. Andrew

    We went to Croatia and had a great time! Sure You’ll love it!

    • Nix

      Thanks, so excited for it – just have to wait 8 months until we can actually go!

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