Helloooo there! I’ve decided to call you my future readers for now, since this blog is currently an infant and hasn’t been taken out to visit anyone yet.

So the second part of my blog’s name – Dreaming Beyond – is an attempt to reconcile the fact that I drool at the idea of being a Travel Blogger; with my reality as a mom living at the very bottom of Africa, with 2 young kids and a husband with a successful, full-time, Cape-Town-located job. So for now I’m dreaming: about the travelling we’ve done in the past; the many, many places I still want to see; and figuring out how to hold my dreams and my reality together. Not sure yet where this blog will take me – figuratively and literally!

Anyone who knows me, could guess that when I dream of traveling beyond, Paris is always my mind’s first destination. The Eiffel Tower, distinctive Haussmann architecture, macarons and croissants – they captured my traveling heart.

So in this blog space, I hope to share my travels, past, future and potential – and be warned, I will always come back to my Parisian dreams.